Pass Word

I couldn’t remember. Tried every one. Where are they? I would like to pass on these words. Why didn’t anyone teach me this?


When my husband died suddenly, my world crashed twice. You think grieving is hard and losing the one you love and it is the worst. Our accounts were managed by him and he had his own accounts, business systems, accounts payable with hidden passwords. I should have known. Do you? what I know is you should and it’s easy to post  how much you love each other but you know the important stuff is knowing his Facebook password. I still don’t and it is his birthday 5 years later and I have to read and post on his “site”. Can’t even edit and we’re still married on there as we are in my heart. It took Facebook to tell me how much he loved me by his profile and background pics are us.

Know his words, passwords and when you like his profile pic really tell her or him. No love button can do that.  You need two sets of hidden passwords and keys to the safe. One  for you and your loved ones and the other because the banks even lock up everything especially lock boxes unless your name is on it. If your spouse is sued, you are sued unless every financial investment was in Tenants by Entirety – don’t need a lawyer for that thank you very much. For today,  pass the words please.

O what? Eileen Fruithandler


You were chosen! I almost deleted the email like a sweepstakes ad. Don’t bother sending to spam anymore it’s just another step to deletion.


Oprah Magazine chose you to be an Elite Brand Ambassador or their team of 50 out of thousands of applicants. Yes! I remember applying through an ad in O, The Oprah Magazine as an “OMagInsider” and I really was picked. Why me at 59 years old, widow, teacher, and oh yeah I have been helping others my whole life. My late husband, Dr. Clifford Jay Fruithandler and father of my gorgeous children, Sara, Danielle and Austin, always said, “There are givers and there are takers”. Give we did, anything to anyone. I believe his spirit and God chose me for O Mag, and I became part of the O Family of friends and Hearst Magazine that made me feel alive and part of something again. You have no idea how I was lonely at that time but spent my too-young widowed years teaching yoga, helping fundraisers and my kids get through college. He knew I always loved and honored Oprah and after teaching and raising 3 kids at 4 pm every day, she was my friend as I took care of them, the home and prepared for sports and music lessons every night. When Oprah said “mothers and teachers are the most important job” , I was validated along with millions of other moms and teachers. So even my students and kids tried to get me on the “Favorite Things” shows. When I showed my daughter Danielle he email she responded, “It’s a scam. We couldn’t even get a ticket to Oprah’s shows!” proves I am “one” of the OMagInsiders in 2017. And I am beyond the point of proving anything to anyone, aren’t we all? And there you go!

I love and appreciate every moment, post, insider, friend, radio show and call with O, The Oprah Magazine and want you to know it really is my new best friend every month I open the mailbox and there she is, in glossy glory. It makes me feel validated again and I would share my magazine with you anytime!


Eileen with Peace, Love, Happiness, Intention, Wellness, Health, Yoga and Meditation

Well me by Eileen Fruithandler

I take responsibility for me knowing wellness is all I have. Some people look for the insult and I seek helping others to rise up together. You can say well, poor me or help me get well. Well – me – I had to learn the hard way, don’t we all? He died in my arms, at age 57 leaving me with 3 kids and no job because I worked for my husband as well as 3 kids were in or about to go to college. the pity party lasted 3 days and I was up and going to work after the death, funeral, people everywhere. I was leaving my kids finally sleeping in this dream home turned engulfing nightmare to continue the medical practice we had built. I could not lay down and languish, there were 3 kids a cat, cars and house, business and college bills.

My wellness became important to me as I realized no one was going to help or care when the shiva leftovers were gone. I always did and knew exercise was my drug and the endorphins would enhance good feelings nevertheless smaller pants sizes. A friend said where are your feet? I could not feel them nor feel anything. Don’t feel sorry I could not grieve until months later when the business was sold, kids were starting to smile again and I went away…Las Vegas….


Drinking, dancing, drama and the lights were endorphins for a few days until IT hit me. I cried in my room for 3 days in stead of working the rooms and craps. I returned to teaching in high school again, began eating healthy and doing yoga. Something in yoga was resonating I guess the meditation permeated my cells, as science proves it does. Panicked about being “off ” for the summer, enrolled in Yoga Instruction Training to be certified at the best needless to say toughest yoga school around. They said be a vegan and eat, pray and even try to be celibate for the next 3 months. Celibacy was easy since I had no boyfriend or husband and a great excuse to not find one. Smoothies and vegan was hard but my skin, blood work and weight improved!!

Fast forward, more to come, I have my own Yoga Studio 3 years later and represent Yoga Journal Magazine attending conferences and learning and working with the Master Gurus of the World, well, for my world. Well, I hope you try yoga, again, and again, and remember that’s why it’s called a practice because you never become perfect at it. And that’s the beauty and peace of this practice I can’t live without.


Eileen Fruithandler,, Instagram/Efruithandler15697349_10154689973415943_4268912541708189849_n

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